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Friday, February 24, 2006

What I Would Have Done If I Had Won the Lottery

I'm not a gambling type of person. I don't like to throw away my hard earned money. But for those few times a year when the Powerball lottery gets ridiculously large, I just can't resist the temptation to throw away a dollar and buy a ticket. At the least, it gives me a chance to dream about what I would do if I were to win all that money.

Of course I would quit my job and blow some of it on myself, my friends and family. But being the generous person that I am, I would also want to use my good fortune to help those less fortunate. And there are plenty of well established charities and organizations out there to donate to.

But I'm a man of action. I like to make things happen. So when I see a need arise, I want to do something about it. Hence, when I see crap like this

South Dakota passes law to ban abortions

I know that it is time to get moving.

Although I can't be certain, my gut tells me that soon the Supreme Court will allow states to place severe restrictions on, and possibly criminalize, abortion. But even if this doesn't happen, let's face it, access to abortion is already becoming increasingly difficult for women.

So, if I were to ever win the Powerball lottery, I would set up the Abortion Scholarship Foundation in order to help make abortion available to those women who did not have access to it. The ASF would provide financial help to women who could not afford an abortion. It would provide transportation to the nearest abortion provider for women who live in one of the 87% of US counties that have no identifiable abortion provider. If there is a mandatory waiting period, the ASF would provide food and lodging while the woman is forced to wait before having an abortion.

I would of course have a website for the ASF where women could request assistance online. And the website would have a big numerical counter displayed prominently right in the middle of the page. And it would read "Number of Abortions Made Possible". And each time the ASF successfully helped a woman obtain an abortion the counter would increment by one.

Sure, I could water down my rhetoric and say "Number of Women Helped" so as not to offend anyone. But I'm tired of skirting around the issue. There is nothing inherently wrong with having an abortion. It is a completely rational choice for those women who want one. No woman should be ashamed of having an abortion and she should not feel the need to hide that fact. So the ASF will not hide it either.

Hillary Clinton said

I have met thousands and thousands of pro-choice men and women. I have never met anyone who is pro-abortion. Being pro-choice is not being pro-abortion.

I don't understand that. If they are not pro-abortion then are they anti-abortion or just neutral on abortion? Does pro-abortion imply that people are out there urging women to have abortions against their will? That is not pro-abortion, that is anti-choice. A woman having an abortion is a good thing if that is what she chooses, isn't it? Or is she really a killer but pro-choicers are willing to overlook her sin because it is the lesser of two evils? I'm pro-abortion the same way I'm pro-triple-bypass or pro-vasectomy. I guess I need to introduce myself to Hillary.

"Bringing Abortion to Women Who Want One" would be our motto at the ASF and we would be damn proud of it!


Blogger Simon said...

Hi, I'm an atheist blogger, like yourself.

However, I don't think the abortion issue is as clear-cut as you make out.

If we're simply going by the law of the land, then if a nation says it is legal, then its legal.

If we're talking about the moral issue - is abortion murder? I would find it very hard to make a rational case one way or the other.

Where do you draw the line? Law makers and medical professionals have drawn a "a" line.

It seems amazing to me that murder can become a simple medical procedure merely because a nation's law-makers have drawn a line where they see it fit to draw it.

I'm not really anti-abortion or pro-choice because I'm not sure I could draw that line. It's a tricky one.

Sun Feb 26, 02:03:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Bruce said...

Thanks for the comment Simon.

I understand your reluctance to "draw a line", but the fact is that the line is being drawn for us. Some states are already doing everything they can to restrict abortion and if the Supreme Court goes down as most people think it will, states will soon have the legal backing of the US government to criminalize abortion.

Mon Feb 27, 03:45:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Val said...

Great post Bruce!
Honestly can't remember how I surfed over here (sometimes I get mouse-click happy), but I love your blog & am bookmarking it now...

Mon Mar 06, 02:59:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Bruce said...

Thank you Val. I guess the pressure is on to produce now that I have a regular reader :-) Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, there is plenty of material out there to rant about.

I will be sure to check out your blog as well.

Mon Mar 06, 05:04:00 PM 2006  

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