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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Outraged About Ahmadinejad

OK, so Ahmadinejad is an idiot who still questions the veracity of the Holocaust. We know this already, but it makes for easy fodder on the Right Wing march to war with Iran and thus will get repeated constantly on Conservative talk radio and TV. Here's what you'll hear: Ahmadinejad is an insane, self-deluded moron because he refuses to acknowledge the tragedy that is the Holocaust despite the mountains and mountains of evidence documenting the event. Faced with hard facts, he chooses to ignore them and instead push his own twisted version of reality in order to further his political agenda.

Hmmm. Does this mindset sound familiar??? Know anyone else who chooses to ignore the facts and twist reality to fit their agenda? Let's see now, who could it be ... CREATIONISTS!

Sorry Conservative Right Wing wackos, but if you deny the basic scientific facts of evolution then you have no right to criticize anyone who denies the Holocaust, because you both deny reality. Why should we listen to one nutjob criticize another???

And I'm sure you also got a kick out of the "apparent fact" that there are no gay people in Iran. I'm sure you care very deeply that Iran routinely oppresses gays to the point of execution. Just another reason to bomb them, right? The civilized world knows that you can't go around killing gay people, though you can still deny them the basic civil rights that normal God-fearing people enjoy.

I was thinking, there's another place that has no gay people. A happy magical place where all your dreams come true. HEAVEN. That's right, according to you, God doesn't like gay people and he certainly ain't letting them into Heaven. But you can sleep easy at night because you don't kill gay people, you let God take care of that in the afterlife (actually, it would be more merciful if he did kill them instead of torturing them for eternity). But like Ahmadinejad does now, you're going to enjoy a gay-free society someday and I know you are really looking forward to it.


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