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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Even in a landslide not everyone wins

Yes, I am very happy that the Dems will gain back the House and Senate. It is high time that somebody called Bush on his bullshit and it was apparent to the majority of people in this country that the Republican congress was not willing to do its job.

On the other hand, once again, majorites in another seven states display their homophobic bigotry with pride and deny two consenting adults the same rights and privileges we heterosexuals all enjoy merely because they happen to be the same sex.

So the moral of this election season is? Iraq is a political death sentence AND we still hate gays.

And yet homosexuals continue to serve in our military (at least until they are outed). A group of people willing to die in Iraq for a country that hates them. No wonder we don't want them in the Armed Forces. Makes us look like complete assholes when we vote to deny our fellow patriotic Americans the rights and privileges we all take for granted.

Keeping gays out of the military has nothing to do with protecting the military and everything to do with punishing gays. Likewise, banning gay marriage has nothing to do with protecting marriage and everything to do with punishing gays. Will banning gay marriage keep gay people from living together? Will it keep them from having families and raising kids? Gay marriage bans are designed for one thing only, to punish gay people by denying them the rights and privileges that we straights take for granted.

And apparently, we have no problem with that.

P.S. In yet another threat to our country, several openly gay candidates won their races yesterday. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that it won't be soon enough when the "Protect the Sanctity of our Electoral Process" ballot initiatives start popping up around the country.


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