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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Liberal Blogosphere is Imploding

For the first time, I've found myself starting to remove blogs from my Google Reader. Of the political blogs I subscribed to, about half were pro-Clinton and half were pro-Obama. I liked it like that because I felt I'd get balanced coverage of the Democratic primary campaign. But what I have unfortunately come to realize over time is that instead of these blogs being either pro-Clinton or pro-Obama, they have gradually become anti-Obama and anti-Clinton. It's fine to constructively criticize your opponent when warranted, but too many blogs are obsessed with raking a fine-toothed comb over their opponent instead of supporting their own candidate. It appears the Liberal Blogosphere has gone negative. If I want to know what's bad about Clinton then I go to a pro-Obama site. If I want to know what's wrong with Obama then I go to a pro-Clinton site. So where do I go to find out what's good about either of these candidates? My choices appear to be limited.

I've always thought that the blogosphere was a great place to get information that the mass media wasn't willing to cover. And regarding a lot of issues this is surely the case. But as far as the two Democratic candidates are concerned, I'm beginning to hope that the majority of the population loses their Internet access for the next few months. Because if what I've been reading lately on a lot of the more popular blogs really reflects the majority of Democrats out there, then we're going to be stuck with McBush for four years because Clinton and Obama supporters have done such a good job of negative campaigning that they really won't vote for the other in the upcoming November elections.

I've heard more about Obama's preacher than Clinton's health plan. I've heard more about Clinton's trip to Bosnia than Obama's plans for reinvigorating our economy. I have to imagine that McCain is kicking back in a big comfy chair with his heels up on his desk, smoking a cigar and smiling because we are basically doing his campaigning for him and he doesn't have to spend a dime. If I hear one more Obama supporter tell me they will never vote for Clinton or one more Clinton supporter tell me they will never vote for Obama, then I'm going to teach them both a lesson and vote for Nader. From what I've been able to tell, there's really not that much difference between Clinton and Obama on the real issues. Any Democrat should be able to vote for either one this November. The Republicans are on the ropes. Bush's approval ratings are at an all time low. This is a no-brainer. We won't have Nader to blame this time. If McCain wins, it's our own damn fault.


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