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Thursday, April 06, 2006

How Far Will They Go?

I agree with Rachel Maddow, this interview makes me physically ill.

As I've argued previously, when you consider a few cells to be a human life with the same protections as any other person in this country, then logically, there really are no exceptions for allowing abortions. When a pro-lifer says that "abortion is murder", then it is murder whether the condom broke, or she forgot to take her pill, or she was raped by her uncle.

So who do you prosecute and what are the penalties when abortion is a crime? If I kill my friend because he is merely an "inconvenience" to me, I will most likely spend the rest of my life in prison. If a fetus-baby has the same protections under our constitution as my friend, then surely someone should pay for this "convenience" killing as well.

"Go after the doctors who perform abortions" you say. Well sure, but if I pay someone to kill my friend for me, am I still not guilty of a serious crime? Should I be let off with a slap on the wrist or should I serve some hard time? Remember, the fetus-baby and my friend have the same protections under our constitution. And, since according to pro-lifers, most abortions are for mere convenience, both abortion and my plot to kill my friend are premeditated acts for purely selfish reasons and should probably be treated the same under the law.

We all know that pro-lifers are against abortion and want to make it illegal. I'm tired of hearing their same old tired rhetoric over and over again. What I want to know is how they are going to enforce it and what the penalties will be? As we all know (because the death penalty works so well), the best way to reduce crime is through deterrence. You've got to make the punishment severe enough to fit the crime. So please pro-lifers, stop paying lip service to your beliefs and give us something we can really sink our teeth into. You're not soft on crime, are you?

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Blogger Fair Enough said...

hahaha an FVS...that's freaking crazy. Good post Bruce!

Mon Apr 10, 08:41:00 AM 2006  

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