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Monday, September 01, 2008

She had a choice?

So Palin says this about her pregnant daughter:

"Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. We're proud of Bristol's decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents."

They are "proud of her decision"? WTF?? I thought she didn't have one?

You see, Sarah Palin is staunchly anti-choice. In fact, even if her own daughter was raped and became pregnant, she would "choose life". She's a member of the anti-choice group "Feminists (sic) for Life". Their motto is "Refuse to Choose". And yet we are supposed to believe that her family allowed her to choose whether to keep her baby?

Let me be blunt here for just a second: Sarah Palin, take your pride and shove it up your ass. Sure, today your daughter actually had a choice because we live in a country where women are still free to control their reproduction. But if it were up to people like you, your daughter wouldn't have that choice (at least not legally and safely) in the first place. There is nothing to be proud of about forcing women to have a baby. So stop trying to pretend that you are a modern day enlightened parent and feminist who respects her daughter's decision about a major life-changing event. You aren't and you don't.
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