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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Abort Abortion?

I recently stumbled across a post at needlenose.com entitled "The True Face of Abortion Opponents". While the main point of the post seems to be about exposing the "Pro-Life" movement for the theocratic, morality-imposing, woman-controlling hypocrites that they are, I couldn't help noticing a secondary theme running through the post of which I have pulled out examples below:

No released eggs means no fertilization, no fetus, nothing. So this leaves these groups with three options: 1. Concede that science may have finally found a way to eliminate abortions, pack up their bags and go home.

Besides, the FDA's decision to allow over-the-counter sales has let the cat out of the bag. Now they [the religious right] have to take a position that is consistent with the fact that abortion clinics may very well stop performing abortions altogether because nobody needs them any more.

I don't like abortions either. Nobody does. I wish they could be avoided altogether -- and it looks like they very well may be [because of the availability of Plan-B].

The far bigger impact of Plan-B and other non-abortive solutions is that they essentially render the whole Roe v. Wade debate pointless too. So what that you've got all your Supreme Court justices lined up? Go ahead and outlaw abortion. Nobody will care if they can just walk into the pharmacy and buy a couple of pills.

Notice a pattern in the above statements?

Plan-B is a very good thing and it should be available over-the-counter to ALL women, but Plan-B is not going to stop the need for abortion. It does have the capacity to prevent some abortion, which is great because I'm assuming that most women would rather take a pill then go through the ordeal of an abortion. But Plan-B works on a very limited time scale. If it is taken too late then it will do nothing to prevent an abortion several months down the road.

So, "let's make it easily available everywhere" you say, "that will put an end to abortion" (which you have never really felt good about but considered it more of a necessary evil because you vote Democrat and don't want to be seen as a woman-hating neanderthal). Yes, I agree that we should make it as easily available as possible. Hell, I think we need to subsidize it free-of-charge and stock it in middle schools and high schools across the country (along with all other forms of birth control as well). But that still isn't going to eliminate the need for abortion.

There is a reason we refer to our side as "Pro-Choice". It is because, no matter how we personally feel about abortion, we realize that each individual woman has the right to make up her own mind and decide for herself if she wants to have an abortion. It may very well be that a woman wants to be pregnant, but then a few months later, for whatever reason, decides that she does not want to be pregnant anymore. Plan-B ain't gonna do nothin for that! And regardless of what the "Religious Right" believes, people do use birth control. But unless your form of birth control involves severing tubes, it ain't perfect (including Plan-B itself). And of course there are a variety of other reasons why a woman may not take Plan-B in the critical time frame.

The point is that it doesn't matter why a woman is pregnant, she has the right to control her body and may choose to terminate her pregnancy via abortion if she so wishes. And Plan-B is no help once she is pregnant. Because we believe in choice, abortion is a necessity we cannot afford to lose. So no, Roe v. Wade is not pointless. We should do everything in our power to keep abortion legal in this country and to make it available to any woman who needs one. Science can do a lot of wonderful things, but unless it can find a way to convince women that they should not be in control of their own bodies, it will not eliminate abortion.


Anonymous notfearingchange said...


im pro-choice.

I mean really the people that say "save the child". Save the child from what? Poverty, starvation, shallow morals of humanity?...hmmm great. S

Sun Sep 03, 10:51:00 PM 2006  
Blogger aus blog said...

Something for Pro-choicers to concider.........

World estimations of the number of terminations carried out each year is somewhere between 20 and 88 million.

3,500 per day / 1.3 million per year in America alone.

50% of that 1.3 million claimed failed birth control was to blame.

A further 48% had failed to use any birth control at all.

And 2% had medical reasons.

That means a stagering 98% may have been avoided had an effective birth control been used.

I am a pro-lifer who has no religious convictions at all . I didn't need the fear of god or anything else to come to my decision, just a good sense of what is right and wrong.
You see we were all once a fetus. Is it beyond the realm of possibilities that when your mother first learned she was carrying you, she may have considered her options? What if she had decided to terminate? Would that have been OK?
You would not exist, if you have children they would not exist, and your (husband or wife) would be married to someone else. You would have been deprived of all your experiences and memories. In this day and age with terminations being so readily available and so many being carried out, if you make it to full term
you can consider yourself lucky. Lucky you had a mother that made the choice of life for you. Don't you think they all deserve the same basic human right, LIFE?
I'm all for contraception, prevention is certainly better than termination.
Did you know you can get an implant that is safe, 99.9% effective, and lasts for three years? Just think girls not even a show for three years, wouldn't that be great? I think too many people rely too heavily on the last option (abortion), I think if abortions weren't so readily available people would manage their reproductive system far better resulting in a fraction of the number of unwanted pregnancies.
World wide there are over 50 MILLION aborted pregnancies each year. In America 3,500 terminations carried out every day, that's over 1.3 million every year, 50% of all cases claimed that birth control had been used, 48% admitted they took no precaution, and 2% had a medical reason. That's a staggering 98% that may have been prevented had an effective birth control been used. Don't get me wrong, I suspect the percentages in Australia would be much the same.
Just a lot of unnecessary killing.

At the point of conception is when life began for you. This was the start of your existence. Your own personal big bang. Three weeks after conception heart started to beat. First brain waves recorded at six weeks after conception. Seen sucking thumb at seven weeks after conception.

I am convinced that in the not too distant future, people will look back at many of the practices of today with disbelief and horror.

Want to know how to find humanity-?

True humanity can only be achieved, by concidering others/ caring about others, as much as, if not more than yourself.

Until we do we are no more than an uncivilisation, with all the uncivilised things that we do...


Thu Oct 05, 10:14:00 PM 2006  
Blogger aus blog said...

Have you seen ( HOT OFF THE SHOW! Throw-away babies )

It's a blog by Sharon Hughes?

Wed Oct 18, 01:54:00 AM 2006  
Blogger aus blog said...

If you think the point of conception is NOT when life begins, and all you have is a clump of cells and not a living human being.
Then at least concider this -

Soon after you were conceived you were no more than a clump of cells.
This clump of cells was you at your earliest stage, you had plenty of growing to do but this clump of cells was you none the less. Think about it.
Aren't you glad you were left unhindered to develope further.
Safe inside your mother's womb until you were born.

Thu Nov 23, 07:25:00 PM 2006  

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