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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fight Fire with Fire

Want an insight into what theocracy looks like? Read this.

The author asks at the end of the story:

Moral of the story?......

Well, quite frankly I don’t know, it seems that there is no moral to the story other than morality clauses fucking suck.

Let me suggest a few morals.

Women need complete and unfettered access to all forms of birth control. It is unconscionable what this woman had to go through in order to get the morning-after pill and it is immoral for any doctor to deny her the pill for any reason (other than what better be a damn good medical reason). Granted, the pill will soon be over-the-counter, but will every pharmacy stock it? Will moralizing pharmacists try their best to throw up whatever road blocks they can in order to keep women from getting the pill? The moral here is that we need to fight every effort to block, restrict or limit womens' access to all forms of birth control. There will always be people out there, primarily religious people, many in powerful positions in this country, who will do everything thing they can to see to it that women are denied accesss. The fight will never end and thus we can't become complacent in the struggle.

Let's be honest, the overwhelming majority of these moralizing doctors and pharmacists justify their discrimination based on their religious beliefs. "But what harm does religion do? Religion is a positive influence on people." Bullshit! Religion may have made all these moralizing doctors feel good about themselves because they were "doing the Lord's work" but they made this woman a nervous wreck, feel like an "unworthy dirty whore" and possibly subjected her to (or rather, forced upon her) an unwanted pregnancy. It's time to stop giving religion a free pass. It's time to stop bending over backwards with "religious correctness" in order to be respectful to other people's religious beliefs. No more! A spade is a spade and a moralizing-woman-hating-doctor is an asshole. We can respect a person's right to believe but we don't have to respect their religious beliefs any more than we have to respect the beliefs of a white supremacist. I know we all want to try and get along, but the more we bite our tongues and allow people to use their religion as an excuse to discriminate against and control others, the more they'll take advantage of our good will.


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